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July 01, 2008


"18-34 year olds were the heaviest viewing segment" : that's the *On-The-Spot* Generation. They're born with a TV remote at hand, and most of them grew up with a computer near them.
What does that mean, for us people who are supposed to help make their world a better place (at home and/or at work) : we've got to think different. Quick, instant, on-demand : the three keywords.

I think if schools were really using technology effectively to reach kids, the age bracket with the most videos viewed would be the next one down.

Good stats, thanks for posting them.

@BeaCantor: But are these videos really educating anyone? Or entertaining them? While I know you can learn while being entertained, the videos by in large are a passive activity.

Maybe some schools have skipped the video bandwagon all together and are actively engaging their students with PBL.

Now if they're posting their videos, bingo.

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