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May 24, 2008


The subject of crossmedia comes up whenever broadcasters meet to discuss professional matters - it's practically impossible to have a discussion without touching on it. The latest example was the EBU seminar on Media Asset Management on May 22-23 in Geneva. Every discussion included the subject or repurposing video, audio and text across different platforms - including the essential subject of copyright (http://www.ebu.ch/en/union/news/2008/tcm_6-59831.php).

The opportunities and challenges of crossmedia are central to every professional discussion, whener we speak about the present or future of the media. It may be a fad - but it's certainly essential to get the crossmedia aspect right. Large broadcasters like BBC are investing heavily in every aspect of crossmedia.

However, it's the first time I see a good definition of transmedia - and I think I get it now. Well done, Nicoletta.

This distinction is very useful and fits the trend of user-generated-content to pre-formatted content. The multimedia experience is also enlarged to many-media. It is important to bring this new set of narrative and creative possibilities to both users and producers. Cool. Grazie Nicoletta

This is a very nice distinction and definition between XMedia and TMedia-- and the fact that they go hand in hand most of the time... The VUP element is certainly the an important trend that displays itself with emerging social networks as a tv distribution platform as well... Kate Modern in Bebo is another good example I think, where just distribution across different media is not enough, users, viewers, VIEWSERS, as my old friend Gary Arlen coined this term once, want to play an active role in the story across different media... so why not call it Transmedia... it is a good term.

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