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March 01, 2008


I have never been to TED but feel like I was there after reading your posts. Or maybe this was better because I could skim parts and read others in detail, including following your links, viewing the videos and images, and reading your analysis!

Thank you Lisa. It was indeed a great conference, and very happy you found the posts useful.

Same for me. I came back several times to follow up your articles, like a "gourmet food for thought" :-). Thank you. I appreciate the way you summarize all this rich content. You could call your RSS: RSS feed your mind!

Thank you Claudia. I will think about the RSS idea :-) Happy that you enjoyed my blogging, despite the many typos and mistakes inherent to fast-(real-time)-blogging, and thank you for the mention in your blog. Wish you (and Lisa, above) well. B.

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