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March 31, 2008


It's an interesting development, based on a model that goes back to 1995, with salon.com, which took 10 years to be successful. And there is a major difference: Salon's subscribers are not bulk, which means that they have to choose to subscribe. Traditionally, in journalism, that has an impact on editorial content and quality. It remains to be seen if people whose company or school subscribe to this for them will view the news with the same indifference as many corporate blurbs that cross their screens.

I'm afraid I disagree with your line "hasn't yet translated into locally-produced English-language media" - GenevaLunch has had more than 225,000 pages viewed in its 21 months of existance and we have good regular traffic among English speakers. We are locally produced, with a Swiss-American publisher and regional team and our traffic appears to be higher than that of Swiss media English language projects. Like so much news that circulates among English speakers, we're known by word of mouth. If you meant print publications, I don't think your Swiss examples qualify. And much as I like Monocle, it's available only on one newsstand in Geneva, or that was the case last month when I was hunting for it.

Hello Ellen. Thx for your note. Apologies for the unclear wording; yes, I was thinking particularly of press products (you know that I've been advocating them for a long time now, unsuccessfully) and broadcast -- so I was talking about traditional media. I've added a totally deserved link to GenevaLunch. B-

Very interesting! I like Swisster, well made and good public content. However, the fact that there is no RSS feed (at least for the free public content) is rather old school.

Thanks for the comment, Bruno, and I take your point. I do wonder if Edipresse has looked closely at the problems WRS has been having covering all of Switzerland in English. It's so tempting to think this will work but it's tricky - in the end how much do people who speak English in Geneva have in common with those who speak English in Zurich, once past the work permit issues?

Hey, there is also Ticino in Switzerland.
I hope you will include all the English speaking people living and working on the sunny side of Switzerland!
I am using Endo aggregators and a RSS feed would be much appreciated by me, too.
max ;-)

...or there's the non-commercial englishforum.ch, which delivers on its promise to provide answers to English speakers needs here in Switzerland.

Donations keep it afloat and members use the site as a genuine social networking platform which delivers user-generated information. Plus a vibrant social scene.

Or are we only interested in investment vehicles?

in the geneva / lausanne region, there's www.glocals.com

they have 20,000 members, and any self respecting expat from around here is a member.

they are less about news, mind you, and more about a community and user generated content (activities & info).

will be interesting to see if / how they react to swisster.

one last one: why would i pay for news, when i can get it for free from swissinfo and their likes (especially as swissinto also put a local spin on news).

will the swisster news be really that superior / different?

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