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March 17, 2008


Just checked out some political websites from italy. Even the presidential candidates could learn from here, as it seems to me. Check out for example: http://www.democratica.tv

live-coverage of every event, twitter, rss-feeds, and much much more, all integrated in one website. The italians are setting the new standards in polit-marketing, as it seems to me.

Actually, democratica.tv is interesting and well produced (and others have done so before the Italians: Segolène Royal in France and JL Zapatero in Spain for example: http://www.lunchoverip.com/2006/09/participative_d.html
and David Cameron in the UK
But while democratica.tv is good partisan television, it's just that: broadcast television, no comments, no interactivity (you can send your video, they decide if they upload it; you can "contact the editors" per e-mail; that's pretty much it). Italian politics is television-dependent, apparently online too.

Good points. Much of these efforts probably also due to Beppe Grillo's succes on the internet. they want the young voters back.

But still, yesterdays Twitter-Warning caught my attention:
...so i tuned in and wached it for some minutes

However, if i were italian i'd probably still vote for the other tv-station http://www.ecotv.it ;-)

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