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March 18, 2008


Question: when voice data is being carried over the the femtocell and out through the broadband connection, how much bandwidth will this require? Would other computer users on the network be likely notice a drop in bandwidth while a call is active?

Thx Mark, very good points, I've forwarded the questions to Paul, will post his answers when I get them.

I was looking for a solution to increase the strength of the evdo signals in my room :(

But hei, this is one sortta cool information that i got.. now if some one ask me abt the femtocell, I can explain them.. thanks a lot dear.!

Suppose I am using my mobile in the view of a femtocell or in other words I am in the range of a femtocell. What happens if there is a power failure (femtocell gets turned off) or DSL goes down? Will I get automatically moved to the macro cell?

Mark: see Paul's answers at the bottom of the post.

Sunil: the answer is yes. Exactly like when you walk out of the femtocell coverage area and the call is handed over to the macrocell.


are there any prooofs tnat the cell phone towers cause radiations cause harmful effects leading to diseasessuch as cancer and effect children and pregnent women mostly.....

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