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February 28, 2008


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» TED2008 - Day 1: Who Are We? from My Name is Kate
The theme at TED2008 is The Big Questions - so each session is themed around big question.  I've found that most speakers either start or end their talks with I would reframe that question as ... - makes me chuckle. [Read More]


Great post!


A shortcut from the question "who are we" to all these brilliant anserws could be: "who am I?" "A Barbie with breast augmentation and brain reduction or an intelligent human being switching on peace and beauty in my right hemisphere, for human's sake?!"

great description of the move towards consciouness of this energy versus the weight of the body
felt the same a while ago : moving to solid to bursting energy out of the body and having difficulties to reintegrate my inner space.
i would like to know on your experiences and research.
kind regards

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