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February 27, 2008


Well, I am a little disappointed: I waited untill late tonight in Europe, the link never worked, though announcement was clear before 2:00 am (5:00 pm PCS), ted.com is blank altogether. Is this a fake?
It reminds me the good old days with the internet, with 404s and strange characters showing up.
Enjoy the conferences, hope we can see them one day...

Apologies if it didn't work on your end, but actually, the session started right on time, about 30 minutes ago, 5:15pm California time, and the video streaming (just checked) is working perfectly. The videos of the three talks will be released in about two weeks on TED.com.

Can we expect more live streaming tomorrow?

No more live stream from TED08: the videos of the speeches will start to be released in a couple of weeks on TED.com. BG

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