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February 04, 2008


Uhm! I thought that this was my own little secret... now it took Paulo Coelho to spill the beans. Thanks Bruno for writing this up.

Just before reading this entry I had just posted a little comment on my "the next" about how books are evolving and to me at least nothing will ever replace the feel of paper, or leafing through a book.

Wow...Paul Coelho pirated his own books? Sounds like fun. It means earning lesser money. He is okay with it? hmm...

Very interesting article!

I'm in the process of seeking publication of my own work and I can definitely see this working.

People keep forgetting that the Internet isn't some mystical new media - it's just the same old people doing the same old thing, but just with different machines.

what a great news!
i really really really really really adore paulo............. oh my God I really worship him, and this is gonna be a great news specially for me coz i cldn't possibly get all his book at where i live so now i can get my own copies, now he's make it a lot easier for his fans.

Ruby, I believe the point of the article is that he is earning more money that way.

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