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November 29, 2007


" What are the qualities that make cities and small states strong? Attali listed six:

access to new technology (in the broader sense)
access to ways of financing the new technology
openness to ideas and people/multiplicity of cultures
political elites willing to push things forward
a feeling/awareness of threat
and the capacity to participate in networks"

Fits perfectly well with the city of Pau, France.

I completly agree with mister Attali. Is not a case that the City of Bologna, in Italy, was appointed from UNESCO Creative Ciy of Music. Our City believe in the power of creativity to increase local economy and the social cohesion.
Regardin the 6 points. Bologna is enlarging the free web connection "on the move", is an opened City to other cultures and so on.
The real problem is to fight against the personalism, the economical lobbies and to have time to involve every stakeholders in the main goal.

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