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November 13, 2007


Facebook ? What is it ? (just kidding ;-)
Seriously speaking : it would be interesting to compare the % figures with the actual youngsters (i.e. < 25-yo people) population.

Because I expected your question (what is Facebook?) I made sure to add the link to the relevant Wikipedia page, Marc... ;-)
Kidding aside: I understand that Rob has calculated the figures above manually, country by country. Not sure data are available to divide themup by age.
Also, in looking at these figures consider that Facebook is only one of several (MySpace, LinkedIn, ...) and in certain countries, other "local" social networking sites are very popular, Bebo in the UK, StudiVZ in Germany, CyWorld in S-Korea, etc. (ah, and Orkut in Brasil). B-

B -- This is a pretty cool map valleywag posted a few months ago showing SN sites' penetration by country. (no age breakdowns, though). http://valleywag.com/tech/maps/the-world-map-of-social-networks-273201.php
On the age question, Zogby recently did a poll in the US that found that 1 in 4 adults belongs to a social network -- though that jumps to 78 percent for adults younger than 24. (It's only US.)

So, the further south you go in Europe, the less you need a virtual social life ? There's a surprise :-)

Another blogger (apparently using the same tool as Webb) has looked at FB gender breakdown by country. Women make up the greatest percentage -- though about 20 percent of users worldwide didn't specify their gender. (Once you get to this page, click on the chart to see all of it.)


Hi Bruno, before realizing somebody had done this before, I did the same calculations based on today's data. The numbers are climbing... I broke down the number of users under 18 vs users over 18, and I also graphed the country GDP vs Facebook's market penetration. You can find the graphs and the original Excel spreadsheet here:


Update : I'm on Facebook ! Finally decided to make the move, using it as a collaborative platform. To keep in touch with my training seminars' s attendees.
Why not choosing Zoho or GoogleApps for that ? Simply because nobody knows those, whilst a large majority - the 20-30 years old - already has an account either on MySpace or Facebook.
Conclusion : always listen to what the Teenagers say ;-)

Hi Marc,

Very interesting comment.
Yes, I agree with you that most 20-30 year olds have either MySpace or Facebook accounts.

Actually, this is predominant in most US/UK regions. In Asia, the take up rate is somewhat not as consistent, because there's local "Myspace/Facebook" equivalents with local languages instead of English.

Just curious if there's any charts providing the penetration of these other networking sites, and probably even do a side-by-side comparison.


What's Facebook? lol!

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