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October 22, 2007


For just that drawing/plan, the guide is worth its price! Makes you wonder: Were those engineers drinking, suffering through a very bad winter of cabin fever, too lonely or all of the above when they dreamed up that idea ...

It looks to be spanning Lauterbrunnen valley. In that case they were quite mad. The cliff face supporting the right leg is about 1000ft above the valley floor.

Great comments on Bruno Giussani' super review! Actually the mad plan on the cover of Suisse Insolite was a cartoon from the Nabelspalter. At the time, a Swiss engineer who had worked on the Eiffel tower was considering an even wilder scheme to whizz tourists to the peak of the Jungfrau
through pneumatic tubes. Estimated travel time : 15 minutes.
More details in my Petit Guide de la Suisse
Insolite pp 116
Cheers, Mavis Guinard

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