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October 04, 2007


I love Microsoft .. felt I grew with them through the 90's but they have lost it, and become too proprietorial (?). Inside MS a lot of the product fights are about IE and its defects, and how that holds them back.

My simple take. Forget IE. Adopt Firefox. By definition, the apps created in MS would take strides forward, and every web developer would breathe again.

MS has correctly identified UI/UX as one of the core element in their offering they absolutely need to nail. The success of the iPhone, which is not about technical prowess but in part about superior UI/UX, has probably strengthened MS commitment and increased investment already going stronger for the last 2 years in this area. The new Office 2007, with totally overhauled UI, is a good example of that. MS has still a few cards up its sleave.. (and anyway enough cash to build them if need be!)

How about making a device that projects a virtual keyboard AND a screen and has a decently-size hard-disk/flash memory setup, that has enough battery juice for about twelve hours usage and still fits in your jacket pocket?

Whoever invents THAT and gets venture capital will be a billionaire.

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