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August 07, 2007


@Bruno: As you know, Bruno - I couldnt agree more with what William Gibson has been writing. We have indeed entered the exponential swirl.. One exemple being actually your precedent post on robots, which does shed a light on the dangers on the particular and critical times we have entered.

We're moving ever-forward at a frenzied, fevered pitch & we're always looking to kick it up another notch. I've no doubt it's getting harder and harder for Gibson to imagine the future - it's already here.

The additional ingredient is not only that we're thrown into a technical change that is transforming our societies in ever breathtaking ways always harder to comprehend; it is also that this "wave of the future" gets superposed at the same time with older "times" that have not yet disappeared - from age-old medieval religious intolerance brandished by Al-Qaeda followers, to XIXth century great power thinking from current Russian leadership or to XXth Cold Warrior mentality from some corners of the soon to disappear Bush administration. Not even to mention congressional leaders, ready to repeat the mistakes of 1929 for sake of ideology. And as a Depression has yet to hit our shores - still fascist party straight from the 30's can get sobering electoral results both in 2002 France or 2008 Austria. This great short-circuiting of different time horizons , all conflicting one with the other, all harnessed with the means of an ever increasing exponential technology power - this is what could provoke an ultimate spark. History does not repeat itself. But the patterns are scary.

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