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August 28, 2007


Very interesting project, L'Hebdo makes perfect use of the possibilities that a blog offers. I especially like the geotagging feature... I'm a little surprised that I haven't heard of the blog before - but it seems that none of the media in the german-speaking part of Switzerland have ever mentioned it...

Indeed, Nico: no Swiss-German media has described or discussed it so far. ;-)

Hi Bruno : thank you so much for sharing with us this amazing experience. IMHO, the guys at L'Hebdo are paving the way for the Democracy of the 21st Century.
The next Presidential & Parliament elections here in France are due for 2012 : that's 5 years for that kind of initiative to become a natural thing in the Politician landscape.
Maybe the journalists will then find the guest rooms warm and friendly, but messy and noisy ;-)

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