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June 18, 2007


Dear Bruno,

Thanks for your comments reinforcing the value of mid-career fellowships.

I'm not sure, however, where you obtained the numbers of US Nieman applicants. We told the NY Times that:

In 2006, there were 100 applicants for 14 fellowships.

In 2007, there were 91 applicants for 15 fellowships.

For the international fellowships:

In 2006, there were 121 applicants for 14 fellowships.

In 2007, there were 149 applicants for 14 fellowships.

Moreover, the numbers don't really tell the story. The quality of the applicant pool gets better every year. This means it is more difficult to select a group of finalists to be interviewed and more difficult to select those who receive fellowships.

Best regards,

Bob Giles
Nieman Foundation for Journalilsm

What about perceptions of journalism created by Fox and CNN and the rising tide of invective-as-comment?

Thank you Bob (Giles) for clarifying the figures concerning the Nieman Fellowship, I've amended the post accordingly (and I would welcome a figure for 2005 if you can release one). Indeed, figures are only part of the story, and you're right to underscore that the Fellowships remain very competitive.
Bob (Calder): yes, that approach is helping, as I wrote, to suffocate the true values of US journalism. I used the Paris Hilton example but I could as well have used the Brit Hume-Lou Dobbs example, to me they're facets of a same downward-spiral phenomenon.


The Nieman Foundation received 111 U.S. applications in 2005 and awarded 12 fellowships.


Bob Giles is right about the quality of applicants, which continues to get better each year, making the process more competitive, even though the numbers are down. And even though we don't really know why people don't apply — they don't have to tell us! — we do know anecdotally that some newspapers and broadcasters are not permitting their best candidates to take a leave of absence, and that other potential applicants simply don't want to be off the radar screen in these tumultous times. The working group that Bruno refers to above is the Knight Fellowships effort to think creatively about how a journalism fellowship program can best serve the craft and business of journalism, without abandoning its core values.

Jim Bettinger
John S. Knight Fellowships for Professional Journalists

Good article. I run a website for young journalists that lists several fellowship opportunities. So, if you do know anyone looking for a fellowship, please refer them to http://CubReporters.org

Funny, I'm looking into fellowships as a way to recapture the fire that the newly-minted grad has and find a space for a true specialty.
I would ask that one place Neiman look is its requirements for community journalism (daily, 50K+ circ) and ask, does this truly benefit the main consumers of community journalism, the suburban and rural weekly reader?
The weekly is struggling, because so many are competing with dailies.
When so much of the effort is focused on staying afloat, the writers have less space and time to look into what matters: the changing face and pace of their beat.

I will apply for 2009, probably for a few different fellowships.
I will have to go to my editors, hat in hand and beg for the time away. I will do this, with a measure of fear in my heart, knowing that the paper can survive without me (as is true of any journalist)and might decide to do just that.
But, I will apply knowing that if this company does not see my value, another will, especially as a Fellow.

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santos ojha

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