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May 21, 2007


"Think Global, Act Local" is the only option left to us of the Human Kind to save the Planet. It means one simple thing : we must go back to the 50's for the way of working together (e.g. produce & sell local), and project ourselves into the 21st Century for the way of thinking together (e.g. help developing countries to go directly to sustainable development). In other words, we must work as our grand-parents, and think for our children's children.

I guess we can easily relate to cities both as obvious causes of the climate change problem, with their massive energy use per capita, but also as the creative and entrepreneurial centres that can produce solutions for that problem.

It is always easier to galvanise people to action when they can identify clearly with a simple set of concepts and a clearly-defined associated community. It seems that the City is becoming a key focal point in this regard for climate change action.

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