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April 11, 2007


Hi, Here's a similar but non-solar light. Found at http://www.demakersvan.com/


light wind
An outside lamp drawn from our home surroundings. The gently
sweeping Dutch windmills were actually perfect generators of their
own. With that in mind, we made this lamp. With every breeze it
stores energy, enough to enjoy every summerevening untill
forever. Contemporary vs traditional, art vs functionality.
Shaped by its function the big prop spans over one meter on each
side. It is a self supporting light source that marks the landscape.

I really like it Robert. Do you have a picture that shows how it looks by day? B-

Thanks for stopping by our blog, Mercury Rising, Bruno. It's an honor to make contact with the author of that very good article. As a BW subscriber, this is exactly what I want to see when I open up the magazine (but all too rarely do see).

Thank you Charles, and thanks for the very kind post on your blog about me (http://phoenixwoman.wordpress.com/2007/04/13/meet-bruno-giussani-a-happy-man/). As you have noticed, the HappySwiss blog is a tool to gather some opinions for a book that's being written by my friend Eric Weiner. It's supposed to be published before the end of the year. B-

put me down for half a dozen of the solar lamps too. maybe if we syndicate it we can build up a big enough order to justify a production run!

explain me about the Solar Lampion
iam studying final year mechanical engineering i am interested to learn
n ramkumar

We are seriously looking to collaborate on manufacture of this solar lamp in our country. We would be very glad if Damien o sullivan would get in touch with us directly s

This is an awesome design - did it ever get into production and is there somewhere I can buy it online?

I believe it's not in production yet. I met Damian a couple of months ago and he told me that he was negotiating with a manufacturer. BG

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