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March 08, 2007


I don't think it is "green is bigger than Internet" but rather they are connected, an ecosystem of efficiency that needs developing.
In other words, Internet is just part of being green, with green meaning more efficient and less damaging processes for people on the planet.

If workflow, commerce and idea/communication were ALL Internet centric the reduction in carbon emissions would far surpass the pollution of China and the US combined.

A major problem is the world is actually several worlds where different cultures and countries are at stages of industrialization. Our awareness of global change came after 250 years of unchecked pollution.

The more we live life "digitally" without using any bodily transport system to get from A to B the better our air, water and life will be.
Most of the world's pollution comes from us transporting our bodies around the dirt rock.

If we can accomplish tasks, learning, work, commerce and communications without hoisting our bodies around -- go from analog lifestyle to digital -- then we are way ahead of any hybrid car program, carbon reduction policy, biofuel effort.

Before personal transport (cars, trains, planes) people walked and lived in villages. A few had horses. Every village was its own ecosystem. If we can create "digital villages" of work/play/life we can make a major impact for the better.

Steve Harmon

In God we trust, in fear we kill. So think twice when you're scared. Your creativity might be seriously blocked or disabled by anxious thoughts and feelings and lead to inadequate reactive behavior. I don't believe in the global warming warning tyranny but if it nevertheless should happen I look forward to see people's creativity waking up, adapting to the new coastlines and vegetation changes. :-)

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