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March 02, 2007


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» A review ofMonocle from Peter Parkes
With the hype almost overshadowing its launch, does Tyler Brulé’s new magazine live up to expectations?... [Read More]


I agree. It actually is the absence of hot topics and people gossip that makes reading Monocle such a relaxing action.


THanks very much, Bruno, much appreciated. And if you want to talk more about our (big) plans for the web and broadcast side of Monocle, do drop me a line. Best, Dan.

Thank you Bruno for pointing us to the first issue of Monocle.

"a magazine that's meant to be read"

What a refreshing attribution for a magazine in our day and age.

Keep creating,

surely monocle is well done mag. But i fill the first issue somehow below my expectation- very little below,but sure. it seems like a mag. it should be, but not yet and this is not in a first view. Tne formila is not new but just well forgoten- a digest magazine. in the 70's and 80's there was a russian one - sputnik. Monocle pretend to be global in a different way - chines in Africa,ext, but is it realy interesting, is it Monocle or it is very Wallpaper? Yes, it's very Wallpaper in all efforts to escape from it. And exactly this is what i find as a problem. And the manga part whit Prada/lG cellphone on almost every page- is it from hollywood movie formula? Sorry but it's naive and not smart. What i like very much is that effort to stay away of pr/people/celeb/glam/lifestyle/over photoshoped print luxuria. Thanks Tyler!(12,95 Eur is too much)


Great review of Monocle. It truly is a wonderful 'magazine' in a world full of material glossies. I missed the first two issues, but have been cover to cover ever since. It's refreshing to see that one of the minds behind TED actually reads something on my shelf.

Mercer Island, WA

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