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March 31, 2007



They are quite right at Upload. What changes is just the delivery system -- and in some ways the way news is packaged as well.

I've been enjoying your blog after reading some of your other work in Foreign Policy. I especially love the European perspective.

Grazie Valeria, and thank you for pointing me to your very interesting blog. I've learned there about the Ritalia initiative, by the way. B.

Congratulations on the ego thing! Everybody's ego needs a bit of attention every once in a while.

It is good when somebody takes what you say, runs away with it and uses it as inspiration. It is of course better when they quote or cite you too.

But then you know that you are right, story telling is still what all of this is about. The tools have improved considerably, and they will continue to improve. For those, like you, who are journalists, this is the best that could happen. You have both speed and global reach at your fingertips.

Bruno, this is only the beginning!
You write so much interesting words about others that it is okay to write about yourself for once. :) Keep up the great content. e)

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