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March 24, 2007


Thanks for attending and for the summary in typical Bruno-style.
Have you seen the pictures on Flickr? I like them. (see http://www.flickr.com/photos/leumund/sets/72157600024685707/)
It was a great idea by Christian Leu (http://www.leumund.ch) to set up the photo station. He borrowed all the equipment from a friend, dragged it to Zurich, managed the station all day and uploaded the pictures. That's BarCamp spirit.
Glad you were there.

Thanks Peter. Here another example of BlogCamp spirit: during my speech in the morning I used Transitions Online (http://www.tol.org) as an example, and pointed out Evgeny Morozov of TOL who was in the room, saying a few things about them. Which apparently offered him a context for a speech, since after the session he went to check the board, saw that a slot was still available, and pinned the title of his talk on it.
Thanks for organizing. B-

Thanks Bruno and Peter
For those not having time to look at 150 pictures in Flickr, there is the fast Version with all pictures in a movie. Blogcampers in 23 seconds.

Thank you for taking also the time to make a photograph of yourself.

I'm preparing a photobook for you and the other guys organizing blogcamp.

I see I missed a great event, but I'm on the way to the Global Peering Forum http://www.peeringforum.com/ and unfortunately I had to decide.

Bruno, thanks for this great summary!

Greetings from Cannes,

Thanks a lot for mentioning my speech in your blog. We put the slides online today:
Maybe we get a Swiss Version of 37signals soon.

Here's a link to the notes I had more or less prepared for my session on multilingual blogging.


Bruno: Thanks again for letting me tape your talk.

I have uploaded a video of Bruno's talk. The direct link is:


I will have three other videos uploaded soon as well from Stephanie Booth, Dannie Jost and Evgeny Morozov's talks. I will post links to them when they are uploaded, via my blog:


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