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February 11, 2007


I interviewed Florence Devouard at Lift07, the video is here:


If you want to talk about accuracy in this case, perhaps you should re-read the post at 901am I wrote, it didn't say "Wikipedia to shut down" as you've put in your post here, it said "Wikipedia could shut down", and there's a world of difference. If you also took the time to read it you'll note that I said "I smell a begging bluff on this one"...meaning that I didn't believe that Wikipedia would shut down because lets face it, the chances of this happening, no matter what she did or didn't say, are pretty close to zero.

Two other things: so I wasn't at the conference? I'm not allowed to report on what someone else suggested was said at the conference. Have we all got to be filthy rich or have a sugar daddy company to fund trips to Europe to make comments on this stuff? This sort of intellectual and financial snobbery wont get you far.

Secondly: you're running Captcha's on this blog. Perhaps there is some snobbery here, after all, you're intentionally barring people with visual disabilities from participating in the conversation here. Lets see: the not rich/ sugar daddy company free + visually impaired need not participate. Great set of morals you have.

Deep apologies for the slight misquote (I've corrected, but it was already easily verifiable by readers clicking on the link), but on the rest: Filthy rich? Sugar daddies? Gimme a break (LIFT is one of the cheapest conferences around). What about instead showing a tiny bit of humility and correcting your headline by updating your post, like your original source has done?

The video of Florence Speech is now available on:

"...you're running Captcha's [sic] on this blog. Perhaps there is some snobbery..."

Wow, equating captchas with snobbery is pretty agressive. I haven't labeled my home restroom or front door in braille but that doens't mean I am trying to keep visually impaired people out of my house.

I think Duncan needs a nap. Let's hope he manages to make more insightful and reasonable contributions to his own blog.

Just to put things right: the Wikimedia Foundation does not OWN Wikipedia.

The foundation owns the servers on which Wikipedia is hosted, as part of the object of the foundation which is to support free content projects such as Wikipedia, Commons, Wikiquote, Wikisource, etc.

The foundation also owns the name "Wikipedia"

But nobody owns Wikipedia if you consider Wikipedia as being the content, the encyclopedia.

Fair enough, Bradipus. I've changed that into "operates", which certainly better reflects the situation. Thanks for pointing that out. B.

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