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January 23, 2007


>> ... it turns out that Jajah doesn't transport the calls over the public Internet: "we have our own leased lines to connect to the operators, so we can guarantee good voice quality". <<<

It certainly doesn't sound like that. I use Jajah occasionally to call my mother or friends, and I like the online interface, but for important calls, the quality is too poor. Traditional phonelines does not necessarily mean good quality, as telco experts are telling me. Stefan Meier of e-fon.ch told me: "You would think a call is a call, but there are dozens of quality criteria."

Btw, Jajah was spelled "JAHJAH" on the big slide with the panel members right behind you on stage, I don't know if you noticed. I didn't, although I've been a user for a couple of months. I googled that spelling during the presentation and couldn't find anything. Seems the name is not as good as it sounds.

Hi Bruno,

thank you again for your help and the great panel we had at the DLD. It was a pleasure for me to make acquaintance with you and i hope to stay in contact for future meetings and conferences...


Thanks for the tip on saving on phone calls when overseas. It sounds like they are offering a valuable service for telecommunications connectivity.

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