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December 14, 2006


it's a very good start, yes, there are things and whole aspects missing. Such a thing can never be complete, you'll miss part of the the long tail. It's unlikely, thoughm that very big things will be missed if enough people work on it (like yuo, commenting on the missing Skype)
Categorization is only a problem if understood as a logical XOR (either one thing or the other), which is what the grey grid lines seem to propose. However, it's easy to asssign fuzzy values to the entities/sources, and thus connect/categorize/tag them differently.

Thanks for this, Bruno. Efforts like this are spurring the any-day-now emergence of a new industry of personal digital identity managers. However, one has to wonder: in 10 years when today's Millenials - the first generation of digital natives - are all grown up, how much will they care about managing their digital idenity? Will they see digital DNA mapping as a threat, or will privacy be viewed as an archaic, old-fashioned notion?

Michele: will they care, will they not? Observing MySpace users and teen bloggers today gives the impression that they don't really have a working understanding of privacy. But "digital identity" trails are starting to be used to check job applicants, for example: in other words, digital natives will soon be confronted with the possible impact of those footprints, and we may witness a renaissance of privacy as an individual and social and political notion.

Hi Bruno, just to tell you that Fred was inspired by a mapping that I have done. It's in an english post ... here is the link :

Thank you L, I should have linked to your post in the first place but somehow it slipped. B.

no problem at all.
it's not the exact same point of view and i thought you could have been interested.

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