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December 19, 2006


Bruno, that billboard in Lugano has been there for years. Sure, it is ugly, but then again, with the mind-boggling tasteslessness, and total lack of regard for culture or history which plagues Lugano's city planning, it is hardly the only eyesore.

How about the Casino di Lugano ? I'd tow that out into the lake and sink it tomorrow if I could. And god only knows what Credit Suisse are being allowed to get away with in the Piazza della Riforma (then again, criticising a bank in Switzerland is a bit like criticising a church in the Vatican City :-) )

Imagine Times Square without the billboards...dull ? ok, then imagine Lugano without the mountains - would it still be gorgeous ? I doubt it.

I'm with you on the billboards thing, but in terms of civic vandalism, it's the tip of the iceberg, and relatively easy to fix.

David: yes, that's easy to fix, and that's why I like what they're doing in Sao Paulo - and the mayor has said that once the slate is clean, they will start allowing some regulated forms of outdoor ads again. The Lugano billboard story, well, that tells you that I've not been out on a boat on Lake Lugano for almost one year after seeing that billboard for the first time...

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