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November 08, 2006


I am always quite surprised about the massive PR-drive of Italcementi, promoting a technology of using nanoscale Titanium-Dioxide to oxidise pollutants that has been around for decades. Mitsubushi has a product called DeNoxer, which is a paving with Titanium-Dioxide included on the markets for years.
Self-cleaning surfaces have also been on the market for at least 5 years.
By the way, if you read the EU-Biocide directive closely, you have to conclude that self-cleaning surfaces are banned since the beginning of October 2006, as they oxidise algae and other organic matter and therefore are classified as biocides.

There are a number of other comments on the BusinessWeek page:

Bruno your article on titanium dioxide is true and correct.We have been applying titanium dioxide to surfaces for over two years and thr results are always the same.Self Cleaning.Building management have eliminated at least 2 pressure washing cycles.We have coated Dolphin Stadium in Miami as well as several other high profile buildings.We are also applying to automobiles,recreational vehicles,motorcycles with ultimately vehicles stay cleaner longer and wash in the rain.Brake dust does not attach on vehiclesCoatings are long lasting and in most cases upwards of 5 years.On floors we get one million footsteps per lab test. http://www.simixsolutions.com

Thank you Tony for your relevant addition to the story.

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