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June 27, 2006


Hey Bruno,

Just found your blog from the TED pages.

do you know about this website.
www.youarewhatyoudo.org. its a sweet website dedicated to making the world a better place. not mine. I wish! :)

Its great that the TED speeches are free.

Everyone appreciates it!



Isn't it a bit strange that all of Al Gore's 14 points talk to people

a) having spare _capital_ (apart from their retirement and college savings) to spend on investing in "green technology" up front (e.g. buying an expensive new hybrid though your regular car is still o.k.)

b) having spare _time_ to spend on educating themselves or others

How many people in the US or in any other country do in fact fall into those two categories in todays global market economy (some may call it the global rat race)?

How many people are out there who would be able to practice what Mr. Gore preaches?

Rich: unfortunately the link doesn't work.
Translucy: more people than you may think. Starting with you and me. Apologies, but this idea that living a more environmentally conscious life is only for the rich is ludicrous. Of course Gore's 14 points talk to a specific audience (he was speaking at TED), but there are many things that we all (poor and rich, young and old) can do in our daily life. I live in Switzerland, certainly an affluent country, but here most garbage is separately collected and recycled, both in "rich" and "poor" neighborhoods, both in cities and rural villages, for example.

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