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June 19, 2006


"Why? It's possible that they just didn't want to waste their time on such a silly issue. Or could it be an immodest unwillingness to examine the details of SENS?"

Maybe it has to do with that old scientists' maxim: If someone says it can't be done, they're almost always eventually proven wrong. If someone says it can be done, they're almost always eventually proven right.

AdG is simply taking medical and scientific understanding in the field of longevity to its logical conclusion. We all seek to live longer, and most of us secretly long to live forever in some way or another (for example, those who believe in the afterlife, or even Ponce de Leon). Why NOT seek to live forever, or at least to use technology to radically extend life? We've already more than doubled the average lifespan in the past few hundred years, and by all accounts we'll be pushing supercentigenerial counts in the not too distant future. Why not seek to be healthier longer -- and longer, and longer still?

To ask whether we should or not because it may be hard (or even impossible) is like asking whether we should strive to find a cure for cancer, which has proven to be hard (and which for a long time was thought impossible). At the very least we'll be able to get answers to questions no one has yet really started to ask.

So can we achieve immortality in the flesh? At worst, the answer will be "no, it can't be done." Even if that is the answer, however, what's the harm in trying? Why not take the challenge, even if it means failure, on the possibility that he may be right?

My money says AdG is right, we can extend life dramatically, though we may find the answer as difficult to find as the cure for Cancer.

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