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May 10, 2006


Bruno - great piece. Time is indeed in short supply, and there's no manufacutiring apparatus for more of it.

Great post. Im interested in the pictures, with the developping of the blogs. Do you have them in a better resolution.. thanks

D-don't these curves remind you of something, Mr. Giussani?

Having worked in the Rocky Mountains in 2000/2001 as a cook at a famous resort hotel, I experienced it first hand. F-from one season to another..

One season business was great! Thanks to a famous corporation that had thei'r fingers
(what am I talking about.. it was more like "fisting") at all those new internet based companies.
It was madness. One, two or three years long they booked the whole fucking campus for almost a month..
All of a sudden it was gone.. What goes up, must come down, Village Idiot knows what he's talkin', we did our math!

The whole world, i.e. the human race goes (grows) exponentially, Mr. Giussani, eventually down the drain..

The Village Idiot doesn't believe in those "Crank-Me-Up-Notebooks, that should make
life better for the remaining 85 percent of the world's population. It won't.. You can't eat the hardware, the sucker..
And besides.. Free internet for whom?
You mean I could go anywhere in the Saheli-Zone and receive?
Wifi for free?? No! And I EAT MY LEFT FOOT, IF that HAPPENS!!
I just heard (hearsay admitted) today that the internet should be privatized.
If one pays it equals fast connection.
No pay, slow or no connection at all.. The American Gov'ment decides..

We, (Dog [not]) and I, almost depend on the Internet.. really!!
It's an addiction like any other. We tried: we got disconnected from our phone company..
This and that and more.. We bought a wifi-card to have access at the migros-restaurant, a thirty minutes walk away.. to take care of our own web-existences (soon to be offline, so hurry..)

No TV (we took the dish down), no radio, no whatever.. we thought. Head aches, alot! And bad dreams..
And then we figured that there was a open "whatchamacallit" out our back window..
There we are.. hooked.. like a junkey on dope..
Writing to you, Mr. Giussani, commenting at Lunch over IP.. is like a nose full of coke.. "better than anything"..

Instant addiction..

I know, we probably make no sense to you.. but thank you anyway for reading..

paz & Von flohheim..

The graph about blogs growth is in a previous post:
And, Paz & VF: I hear you.

Was E.M. Forster right?...Are we becoming slaves to "The Machine?"

"In 1908, E.M. Forster penned a short story, 'The Machine Stops,' that was first published in The Oxford and Cambridge Review in 1909. The story is of a future where humans live beneath the Earth's surface and reside in tiny, individual rooms with little to no physical human interaction."


You make a good case for the changes we see in life and in the human brain... and research is showing more and more how the brain rewires daily to meet the demands of a changing marketplace. Thanks for the interesting read -- this is interesting stuff

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