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May 18, 2006


big congrats, that's a wise and well deserved choice :-)

Normal Bruno ! Merci pour tout. You rock.

Terrific Bruno! Your comment on blogging "shaping" your thinking reflects my experience as well. Writing almost everyday for public consumption will reveal, sooner or later, what one really thinks. Congrats again.

Congratulazioni! il giusto premio per tanto impegno e tanta capacità ma ciò che più conta sono le motivazioni della Giuria...

Congratulations - a merited award. Have a great weekend, Alex

Thank you all for the kind words, happy weekend!

I'm sorry I'm only now catching up on a backlog of unread blog news - this is terrific! I'm so pleased for you, but also for the rest of us, that this blog is being recognized for providing some quality thinking time. I really enjoy reading your excellent writing and being exposed to new ideas and information. Great that you have a big award, but even better than you have the rest of us simply appreciating your work. Carry on, please!

As wrote Ellen before, great for the prize and thanks for the content ! Congratulations :-)

J'ai hésité longtemps de publier mon commentaire sur cette bizarre décision du jury à Zurich pour le Bondy-Blog, mais enfin voilà, pour ceux qui arrivent à lire Allemand:
Tout en haut, il y a un link sur le film "hier als Film" que Rebell.TV a tourné juste après. A la fin, on voit aussi les Frangines dans l'interview, alors allez-y le voir!
Merci pour la bonne soirées et la consolation de tout le monde pour tout le monde!

Congratulations! I started reading your blog recently, and am finding it very informative and entertaining.

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