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March 10, 2006


Just a quick note to say great to see people blogging about climate change and if you want more information on the topic you might like to check out my blog. Links are always welcome, if you like the site but more importantly it may provide you with a few interesting stories for your readers.


Subjects covored range from the science of climate change, the impacts of these effects, alternative energy, climate policy (both UK and International), sustainable development and biodiversity.

Hope this is of some interest.
Calvin Jones

Check out Blubird's "Don't Want to be Warm," a great global warming song. They're a 12-year-old punk pop duo from Portland, Oregon, formed at the Rock and Roll Camp for Girls. The song is being featured in an HBO documentary and an upcoming feature film:

BluBird's song is also featured on Neil Young's web site now.

Great Global Warming song?
Man, that's the worst song I've heard in years.
Three chords over and over and over. There are young people with TALENT out there. please put your efforts into them.

Yeah JJ. Except that, as the post says, it was composed and written in a few hours.

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