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February 06, 2006


Well, actually MyComments does much more than just tracking your comments, it alerts you whenever someone leaves a comment in any post you've commented, that's the cool thing behind all this.


Swisscom ? Innovation ?
That's where my lazy swiss communication consumer money goes ? Got to check my 'Swisscom Mobile' invoice once again.

Looks nice, hope they'll get bought somehow by Google or Yahoo so that I don't have to sign up for yet another online identity.

Hei BG, great post, i've been reading on other methods to track comments and you really got them all summarized in here, but to tell you the truth i got an account with coComments and since that stop using any other method, and im not using the greasy monkey feature cause i'm a good user of bookmarlets and i have none in firefox so i stick to safari.


I used coComment for a while, then switched back to my del.icio.us hack that you mentioned in your post. The previous version of coComment was clunky and not customisable enough for me.

I am trying out the new version, and so far, so good. I like it. I especially like the easy integration, and the tagging seems to have promise.

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