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January 09, 2006


His new blog is available here.

Retarded censors in China ban access not only to Free Tibet and other similar sites -- which I could understand -- but to sites such as Canadian ministry of finances -- I do not know why, possibly because they include Taiwan as a separate entity, though certainly not a separate country, as no one int he world does that.

That means that I, a Canadian university lecturer in China, cannot access the text of China-Canada Double Taxation Exemption Treaty.

I think this is despicable. Those censors should have their arms cut off.

One that was funny “pasta with meat sauce” was translated into something along the lines of “meat face tomato paste.” The reason is “pasta” is pronounced “mien” in Chinese, but “mien” is also the word for “face.” I think there are a lot of mistranslations like these.

I got to give them credit for trying though! I wonder the Chinese would have a good laugh at English menus if they tried translating them to Chinese!!!

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